Dramatically improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.

Improve your cash flow.

Clio Payments turns uncertainty into certainty by helping you get paid easier and faster; right in the Clio app, or direct from your client. Law firms are able to process secure credit card payments without leaving Clio. No need to visit an external service, interact with a physical device, or manage an integration.

Keep track of payments.

Has the payment been processed? Did charging the card fail or succeed? Clio immediately indicates payment status. Funds are added to your operating account typically within 24 to 48 hours, and the payment record is simultaneously added to the bill in Clio.

Improve operational efficiencies.

Reduce the overhead and expense related to month-end billing. Email invoice capabilities eliminate the need to physically mail invoices. It’s as simple as sending an email from Clio which includes a PDF copy of the bill and a secure payment link. The secure link allows clients to pay invoices independently, immediately.

Getting set up is quick and easy.

Clio takes the pain out of getting set up to accept credit card payments. Activate your account and get ready to process credit card sales within 24 to 48 hours.

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