Automate your tasks with Zapier.

Zapier connects the popular web apps (over 300!) to easily move your data between them and automate tedious tasks. By using simple, event-based automation, you can avoid having to do repetitive tasks. From LinkedIn to WordPress to Twitter, you can get creative and link up pretty much any app that you use with Clio.

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Clio + Zapier

With Zapier, you can create “Zaps” or connections between two applications that are made up
of “triggers” and “actions,” where an event in one application will automatically cause something to happen in the second application. Because you can create new connections between apps, you can essentially use Zapier to build your own integrations with Clio. Here are a few examples:

  • With the Mailchimp integration, when people sign up on your website’s contact form, they get added to Clio.
  • If you keep a Google Calendar of your clients’ birthdays or other important dates, use Zapier to automate either the sending of a personalized birthday greeting or the creation of an email draft for you to customize further.
  • If Evernote is your note-taking tool of choice, you don’t need to record notes elsewhere. Zapier can connect your Evernote account to Clio and send new notes in a chosen notebook to a specified matter.

This is just one of many useful apps that Clio integrates with—sign up for a free trial and see how much more efficient it can make your legal practice today.

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