Simplify client intake with Halo NBI

Clio’s Halo NBI integration simplifies client intake, facilitates syncing between Clio and Hubspot and runs property searches via InfoTrack.

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Clio + Halo NBI

Clio’s integration with Halo NBI means that you can now process new clients and matters quickly, efficiently and accurately. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) can be a time consuming process and lead to mistakes and omissions in information or necessitate data being entered into multiple systems, and there is always the risk of taking on bad clients.

Halo NBI makes the CDD process more efficient and reliable with:

  • Conflict checks
  • Anti-Money Laundering Checks (AML)
  • Identity Checks (KYC)
  • Risk Assessment

Halo NBI also integrates Clio with Hubspot, the leading inbound marketing and sales platform, and InfoTrack, the leading conveyancing platform.

This is just one of the many useful apps that Clio integrates with – sign up for a free trial and see how much more efficient it can make your practice today.

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