File emails automatically and track time efficient with Click to File.

Designed by a lawyer for lawyers, Click to File for Clio includes three applications that can help save you time. Click to File for Outlook and Mac Mail helps you quickly file and organize your emails, while the Click to File Timer automatically tracks your time.

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Clio + Click to File

Click to File automatically files all messages that are sent to your Clio account into your Outlook or Mac Mail folders. Every time you open your mail client, Click to File refreshes all matters with Clio, making sure that you’re always up to date.

Use the Click to File Timer to work on your computer without worrying about tracking every minute of your time. All you have to do is spend five minutes at the end of the day entering the time that’s already been tracked for you into the appropriate matters within Clio.

  • Get messages sent straight to your inbox with Click to File for Outlook and Mac Mail.
  • You’re not locked to one rate with the Click to File Timer; each person with an account has access to custom billing rates.
  • Quickly assign matter numbers to your time entries and they will be saved directly in Clio—no more timesheets.

This is just one of many useful apps that Clio integrates with—sign up for a free trial and see how much more efficient it can make your practice today.

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