Prepare briefs, bundles or eBooks with Bundledocs

Bundledocs allows you effortlessly prepare superb professional briefs, bundles or eBooks in minutes. Bundledocs indexes, numbers and neatly bookmarks the PDF bundle for printing, saving or sharing and much more.

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Clio + Bundledocs

Bundledocs seamlessly integrates with Clio to allow you to produce superb print-ready professional briefs, reports or document bundles in minutes. Bundledocs integrates with your Clio documents and can upload them to your brief or document bundle. Then Bundledocs builds for you a fully indexed, paginated/bates numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked document bundle, ready to print, save or share.

  • Build a print-ready document bundle in 5 easy steps. Bundledocs intuitive design and automation of time consuming tasks simplifies and speeds up the job.
  • Professional briefs, reports and document bundles in minutes; indexed, paginated, ordered, bookmarked and hyperlinked. Last-minute documents handled without a problem.
  • Securely share, store or email your document bundle. Use Bundledocs to collaborate with your team in building your brief or report. Work together from any location or time-zone.

This is just one of many useful apps that Clio integrates with—sign up for a free trial and see how much more efficient it can make your legal practice today.

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