Lofty goals, smart co-workers, and cold beer.

Just three of the perks you’ll find at Clio.

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Why Clio?

Sure, we’ve got the comprehensive benefits package that any good tech company should offer, but you’re looking for a little more than that.

You want a lot more out of your job than nice perks. You salivate at the thought of creating a product that genuinely improves peoples’ lives. You’re drawn to working with smart people whom you’d actually have a drink with. You’d shove puppies and small children aside to get a shot at challenges that will nourish your career*, whether or not you manage to overcome them. Though you probably will crush them, because you’re just that awesome. (The challenges, not the puppies and children. And for the record we love them; no dogs or children were harmed in the building of this company.)

*Like that time we patched a bug within hours of finding it. Or that other time we took suggestions from Clio customers on Day 1 of our conference and implemented them in the app by Day 2, to everyone’s awe. You won’t have to wait years to see your work out in the wild, we promise.

We started Clio with the vision of positively impacting people’s lives in a very real and tangible way. Not just for our customers, but also for our own employees. We’re so proud of the workplace that we’ve cultivated, of the fact that people genuinely love coming to work. So yeah, you should probably quit your job and come here—you'll love it.

Jack Newton, CEO

The longest-standing venture capital firm in the United States injected us with a huge investment in 2014. Deloitte named us the 10th-fastest growing technology company in Canada. We’re on the precipice of greatness, and we need your help to push us over the brink. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will irreversibly change the course of your career.

Don’t see the right fit? Make one up for yourself and send in your resume anyway to If you’re smart enough, ambitious enough, and [your favourite adjective to describe yourself] enough, there’s room here for you.

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